Portable Restroom Trailers for Diverse Industries

Special Events

special events portable restroom trailers

With a simple yet elegant design our restroom trailers are perfect for the special events industry.  From corporate events to weddings we have floor plans and finishes that your customers will love. Whether you are a restroom trailer rental company looking to add more trailers to your fleet, or you are starting up your own business after seeing the potential in portable restrooms for special events, we are here to help. Learn More


municipalities portable restroom trailers
With health issues related to sanitation on the rise having restrooms and showers with flushing toilets and running water at public locations such as beaches, and State Parks is becoming more common.  Many municipalities are purchasing restroom trailers for these situations rather than building permanent facilities because they can be deployed immediately and moved around a site if necessary. Restroom and shower trailers can utilize on board fresh water and waste water tanks or be plumbed directly into a sewage line. Learn More

Disaster Relief

emergency shower trailers
Lang Specialty Trailers has a full line of trailers designed for the disaster relief market. The most common trailers requested in disaster relief situations are restroom trailers, shower trailers, and laundry trailers.  We do our best to build an inventory of these trailers every hurricane season so they are available immediately for disaster relief companies. We know that trailers being sent into a disaster relief area take a beating and we have designed our PRO series trailers to handle that beating and be ready to move on to the next area they are needed. Learn More

Oil & Gas

oil and gas portable restroom trailers

Keeping the workers on the oil and gas field healthy and happy is at the forefront with all of the leaders of the oil and gas field.  Lang specialty trailers can help with this by providing restroom trailers with flushing toilets, running water, heat, and air conditioning.  Other popular trailers on the oil and gas pads that we can provide are shower trailers, locker room trailers, laundry trailers, and decontamination trailers.  All of our trailers are designed out of extremely durable materials to stand up the abuse that workers in the oil and gas industry can put them through. Learn More

Wineries & Wedding Venues

wedding venue and winery portable restroom trailers for sale
With the increasing popularity of farm weddings there are many farms and wineries opening up as wedding venues.  One of the major hurdles in opening one of these venues is restrooms.  Often these farms are in areas that use well water and their wells are not able to sustain the usage a wedding would require.  Another problem we often see is getting a permit to build a restroom at the venue.  Using a restroom trailer allows venues to circumvent both of these issues. Learn More

Non Profits

shower trailers for sale for non profits
Employing a durable design to withstand heavy foot traffic, our shower trailer, laundry trailers and restroom trailers are an ideal resource for helping your charity, church, or agency cater to the sanitation needs of disaster-struck or homeless communities. With the ability to be mobilized at the drop of the hat, our low-maintenance trailers are sturdy and ready to go when you are. Learn More


Lang Specialty Trailers goal is to create innovative restroom trailers that are not only eye appealing, but are durable, easy to install, easy to clean, and functional for the professional restroom trailer operator.