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16 Person Bunk House Trailer

16 Person Bunk House Trailer

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8 Person Private Bunkhouse Trailer

8 Person Private Bunkhouse Trailer

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Bunkhouse Trailers for Sale

16-Person Bunkhouse Trailers & 8-Person Private Bunkhouse Trailers


Lang Specialty Trailers Bunkhouse Trailers provide the ability to conveniently and comfortably house multiple people at various changing locations or as a permanent on-site fixture. When returning home isn’t an option, employers or organizations must bring a level of comfort or familiarity to what can be an uncomfortable situation for people to rest and recharge. An easy way to do that is with a commercial-grade bedroom trailer or sleep trailer. Our 16-person Bunkhouse “Bunk Bed” Trailer can house sixteen people in a single space or be split evenly into separate eight-person units with a lockable divider. The 8-person Private Bunkhouse Trailer provides individual single occupancy spaces with deadbolt lock security on each access door.  Each bunk in the sleep trailer is equipped with a comfortable 32” wide, 76” long, and 5” thick mattress as well as a standard outlet, USB charging port, and LED reading light. The 8-person Private Bunkhouse Trailer also includes an additional clothing storage space inside each unit and has an optional appliance package (microwave and mini refrigerator).


Providing access to a safe space for rest has many applications. Mobile bunkhouse trailers, commonly referred to as oil field trailers, bedroom trailers, sleep trailers, or bunk bed trailers are well-suited for use in the following locations or scenarios:

  • Construction sites

  • Oil & Gas fields

  • Remote Research Stations

  • Disaster Relief in locations impacted by natural disasters such as hurricanes, wildfires, tornados, floods, or other catastrophic environmental events

  • Homeless Outreach

  • Charity Organizations

  • Special Events or other scenarios where available infrastructure cannot adequately support a rapid increase in population


Lang Specialty Trailers Bunkhouse Trailers in their base design provide a level of comfort and safety comparable to any other housing unit. However, additional options are available for both the 16-person Bunkhouse Trailer and the 8-person Private Bunkhouse Trailer. Depending on the end application, it may be prudent to include the optional Winter Heat Package to keep occupants warm in frigid temperatures or the HEPA Air Filter System for harsh environments where smoke may be present like wildfire relief. Personal secure lockers, Bluetooth AM / FM stereo, and mobile monitoring are also available to add an extra touch of comfort to your unit.




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