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Shower and Bathroom Trailers for Sale

Lang Specialty Trailers is your go-to source for the highest quality shower and bathroom trailers for sale. Our trailers are manufactured in the U.S.A., with competitive prices, guaranteed reliability, and are designed for ease of operation and maintenance. Feel free to browse our inventory of trailers that come in a range of sizes ranging from 2 station restroom trailers to our 12 station PRO series which offers 6 stations each for men and women. If you’d like to skip the browsing, we’re just a phone call away. All bathroom and shower trailers are designed to elevate the outdoor restroom experience of everyone who uses them. We are experienced in the operation of restroom trailer businesses, and take a consultative approach to help you analyze your operation and budget to select the ideal trailer and feature package for your needs. We can also help you decide if the restroom trailer business model is a good fit for you based on your available budget, and your life stage. Click the link below to set up an exploratory consultation.

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About Our Bathroom and Shower Trailers for Sale

Lang Trailers takes pride in the superior construction and useability of our trailers.  This superiority is demonstrated by the durable materials used - for example, instead of particle board or other low quality materials that swell and deteriorate, our trailers are manufactured with composites that are water resistant and also resistant to vandalism and impact.  The owners of Lang Trailers spent many years as restroom trailer operators, and understand the unique maintenance, logistical, and business requirements of this space, and they design and manufacture these trailers to make your life easier, and to maximize the life-span of your trailer.  Some of the exceptional qualities of our trailers include:

  • Heavy Duty Frame

  • Composite seamless interior that can easily be wiped clean from permanent marker graffiti and other marks that would permanently deface other materials

  • Impact resistant exterior and interior.  See our sledgehammer impact test!

  • Fresh water tank surround

  • AC/Heat

There are many other features we’d love to show you.  If you’d like to learn more about why we’re the leading manufacture of exceptional bathroom and shower trailers, or need help deciding which trailer is right for you, contact us today

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