Exterior Trailer Maintenance

Maintaining Trailers With Regular Exterior Maintenance

Caring For The Exterior

Visual appearance is incredibly important with restroom trailers, bunkhouse trailers, or laundry trailers especially when utilized at upscale events like weddings. Thankfully, the commercial-grade exterior of Lang Specialty trailers is easily maintained with just a few steps and will retain that from the factory floor shine for years to come.


Taking care of the exterior of your Lang Trailer is very much like caring for an RV, boat, or other watercraft. The more frequently that routine exterior maintenance is applied the better it will look and the longer it will last. This process also allows you to closely inspect each trailer for possible damages or defects that require additional attention or repair. 

Pre-Rinse & Remove Debris


Start by spraying off the entire trailer including the roof and undercarriage with plenty of water to remove all the grit and grime from all surfaces of your trailer before hand washing. This includes fallen leaves, mud, dust, sticks, and any small rocks kicked up from the regular movement of the trailer. Removing grit and road debris first, before handwashing, greatly reduces the chances of a stray piece of rock from embedding in your sponge or rag and scratching the finish. 


Standard pressure from a garden hose or city water hookup should apply enough force to remove loose debris. Use gentle sponges or soft-bristle brushes to loosen any material not easily rinsed. We do not recommend using even low PSI pressure washers on gel-coat fiberglass exteriors as it could damage the finish. 

Washing, Waxing, & Polishing


Although Lang Specialty Trailers does not endorse any specific brand of cleaning products, we recommend using products specifically formulated for Gel Coated Fiberglass. As this material is frequently used in marine and other outdoor products, associated cleaning products are typically found in the RV/Marine section of most auto part stores, Camping World, West Marine, Amazon, Etc. 


Try to select a brand of product that you are familiar with, or feel comfortable with and follow the “How to Use” instructions found on the label. Many of these products are designed to both clean the fiberglass exterior and leave behind a high-gloss finish in a single step. Gel Coat Fiberglass cleaning products can remove heavy oxidation, scratches, surface stains, and even difficult hard water spots. As the length of select Lang Specialty Trailers can vary greatly, find a cleaning product that is designed for use with handwashing and machine washing. Machine washing methods can save time, effort, and money when used appropriately and are recommended for medium to large trailers.


We strongly recommend against the use of abrasives or industrial cleaners such as Xylene-type products. These solvents can damage and or even remove the gel coat layer and therefore should never be used on any fiberglass surface. 




Lang Specialty Trailers goal is to create innovative restroom trailers that are not only eye appealing, but are durable, easy to install, easy to clean, and functional for the professional restroom trailer operator.