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Special Event Restroom Trailers for Sale

Adding wedding restroom trailers to your wedding venue means providing guests with a luxurious, convenient, and comfortable way to freshen up throughout the wedding. Many wedding venues capitalize on remote, gorgeous landscapes that may not have the facilities to support traditional restrooms. Even if the utilities are available, running water and sewage across long distances to build permanent restroom facilities can be exorbitantly expensive. Avoid the expenses and permit headaches by opting for an equally beautiful alternative. 

Our portable washroom trailers for sale are durable, easy to clean and install and require minimal maintenance over time. If you need to check on parts, the large mechanical room door enables you easy access to all component of the trailer, and we have ensured most parts are compatible with items you can purchase from typical hardware stores. Gel coated fiberglass walls and flooring repels dirt and can be easily cleaned with traditional household cleaner.  From single units to large 9 unit floor plans, we have a comprehensive catalog of products to meet your needs. If your requirements extend what you see, our team will meet your custom needs thanks for our in-house manufacturing facility

We have worked with many wedding venues over the years. When you consult with our team, we’ll determine the necessary power required, waste management process, and water supply logistics, and estimated cost to make your wedding restroom trailer 

Winery Restroom Trailer for Sale

When patrons come to your winery, they enjoy the vineyards in your beautiful outdoor surroundings. Meet them where they are by providing convenient luxury restroom trailers. Whether your winery doubles as a picturesque wedding venue, or you just need to service your own winery patrons, a winery restroom trailer can be a comfortable, luxurious way for individuals to continue to explore your property outdoors, even in remote locations.

Wedding Restroom Trailer For Sale

Lang Specialty Trailers goal is to create innovative restroom trailers that are not only eye appealing, but are durable, easy to install, easy to clean, and functional for the professional restroom trailer operator. Contact Lang Specialty Trailers for all of your wedding or winery restroom needs.

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