Municipality Restroom Trailers for Sale

Whether you are looking to add semi-permanent restroom and shower trailers to a public beach or park or need to supplement restrooms during construction, or transition in your municipality, our municipality restroom trailers for sale can fit your needs. Portable restroom trailers are the perfect solution for your sanitation needs. Portable restroom trailers are cleaner and more attractive that their porta-potty equivalent and yet more cost effective and flexible than permanent restroom facilities. They are easy to set up, and simple to move around when your rapidly evolving community needs shift down the line.

Everyday use of portable restroom trailers for municipalities can mean major wear and tear on your trailer. At Lang Specialty Trailers, we understand the demands of your environment. That’s why our skilled craftsmen complete rigorous testing to ensure all components of the trailer are functioning exactly how they should. We don’t skimp on materials. Each municipality restroom trailer has a heavy duty steel frame, AC unit with heat strip, oversized axles, and poly propylene waste tank. Trailers can utilize on board fresh water and waste water tanks or can be plumbed directly into a water and sewage line. We’ll work together to find the perfect solution for your needs. When it comes to the wall and roof panels, we use durable composite. Gel coated fiberglass on the internal and exterior walls make for an easy-to-maintain, strong surface. 

We manufacture municipality washroom trailers to need minimal maintenance, but when the time comes, the large mechanical room door allows you to gain easy access to all components of the trailer. 

Purchase Restroom Trailer for Municipalities

Ready to purchase your year-round portable restroom trailer for your municipality? With a full range of sizes and layouts, we can work together to find the perfect trailers for your environment and projected use. We understand you may be working within the confines of a previously set budget. That’s why we are here to work with your financing needs. We partnered with AP Equipment Financing to be able to offer you simple and fair rates.

Municipality Restroom Trailers for Sale

Lang Specialty Trailers goal is to create innovative restroom trailers that are not only eye appealing, but are durable, easy to install, easy to clean, and functional for the professional restroom trailer operator. Contact Lang Specialty Trailers for all of your municipality restroom trailer needs.

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