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Shower Trailers for Sale for Non Profits

In the nonprofit sector, portable restroom and shower trailers can act as a valuable resource for serving communities in need or offer exceptional facilities for special events. Our shower trailers for sale for non profits provide privacy and comfort while meeting basic sanitation needs and can be easily mobilized so that your church, charity or agency can relocate or respond quickly to an emergency situation.

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious washroom trailer for fundraisers or a shower trailer to restore dignity to a community struck by a natural disaster, our wide range of trailers provide you with the sizes and specs to meet your organization’s unique needs.

With flushing toilets, running water, AC and heat, our restroom, laundry, and shower trailers are built with comfort in mind. Each trailer requires minimal maintenance and is designed to withstand even the toughest conditions. With gel coated fiberglass walls and flooring, our specialty trailers repel dirt and can be easily cleaned with traditional household cleaner so that your facilities remain in pristine condition despite heavy foot traffic.

Shower Trailers for Homeless Communities

Our shower and laundry trailers are an exceptional resource for offering comfort and a fresh start for one of the communities that need it most. Our shower trailers for homeless communities will not only help your organization serve the physical needs of these individuals but also restore hope to those who may have lost it long ago.

By employing our quality shower trailer or laundry trailer, you can reinvigorate individuals in need through a hot shower, clean clothes, and exceptional facilities. From single units to large 9 unit floor plans, we have a comprehensive catalog of products to meet your organization's unique needs. We understand that as a non profit each penny must stretch as far as possible, so we partner with AP Equipment Financing in order to offer your organization fair rates that align with your budget.

Purchase a Shower Trailer for Non Profits

Lang Specialty Trailers goal is to create innovative restroom trailers that are comfortable, easy to install, easy to clean and functional for the restroom trailer operator. Contact Lang Specialty Trailers for your non profit’s portable shower or laundry trailer needs.

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